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LocationCedar Rapids, IA

Wake up and smell the coffee! Brewhemia is a family owned café located in the New Bohemia District of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Brewhemia is a name that encompasses a focus on quality beverage while embracing the community and neighborhood of New Bohemia. At Brewhemia you will find an intimate café featuring amazing coffee, breakfast and lunch, plus a full bar featuring a variety of local craft beers, wine and spirits. Gift this delectable brunch date today! Learn more about Brewhemia

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About Brewhemia

Help the happy couple wake up with fresh Ross Street Coffee beans, delivered right to their doorstep! Ross Street Roasting Co. was founded in 2015 after Brian Gumm had spent a year and a half hobby roasting in his garage on Ross Street in Toledo, Iowa. In early 2017, after nearly two years of being a one-man operation, Ross Street Roasting was happy to team up with Cedar Rapids-based Brewhemia, LLC, as an active partner in the business. Don't miss out on this one-of-a kind local gift! Learn more about Ross Street Roasters.

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